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Handcrafted Happy Thoughts

Spellbound: Spell Jar Pendant - Joy

Spellbound: Spell Jar Pendant - Joy

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Bale Style

Spell Jar Pendant - Joy

Remember to Stop & Take a Single Moment, One Deep Breath, Every Day. Look Around You & Find Something That Brings You Joy... Butterflies, Flowers, Your Dog, A Squirrel, A Happy Memory. Joy is all around you. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that it's there. 

Contents of Jar Include: Pink Salt, Lavender, Rosemary, Rose Petals, Mint &Chamomile. Sealed with White & Yellow Candle Wax.

*This Spell Jar Stands about 1.5 inches tall - 1.75 inches w/ handmade bale.

*Handmade Bales are all different and may appear more feminine.

*A Bale is the bit that secures the charm/pendant to the chain/string of the necklace.

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