About: Meet Your Maker

Welcome to Handcrafted Happy Thoughts!

My name is Heather. I am the crazy creative, the artistic hippie, the wire vixen responsible for all of the wearable art that you see before you. 

I've been making jewelry for about 25 years. It began simply with hemp and beads, because I Am Vintage '90s. Then a dear friend introduced me to jewelry wire, gave me my first set of jewelry tools and taught me how to use them. I discovered a wide world of beautiful rocks, wire working, wire weaving and now I'm obsessed. There are endless possibilities and techniques to learn and play with... it's impossible to get bored. When I find myself in a creative slump, I play with resin or paint for a while instead until I find that I miss working with wire. It really is like a craving.

It is safe to say that wire and jewelry is this artist's medium. I do not see my body of work as simply jewelry. To me, it truly is art. Tiny pieces of art that you can wear. My personality and passion is embedded into every piece I create. 

So take a little break and a breath from your world. Wander into my world and find something that makes you smile.