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Ring Dish: Lapis Lazuli

Ring Dish: Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli Ring Dish

This glass dish features a Beautiful Blue, Lapis Lazuli Point set in resin with a sprinkling of Amethyst. Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli Chips. The rim of the dish is sugared with more Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst. This is a super cute little trinket keeper for the jewelry you wear daily.

The Metaphysical: Why just store your jewelry when you can Charge and Cleanse it?

Lapis Lazuli (Throat Chakra) - Communication, Learning, Harmony, honesty, Finding Your Voice, 

Amethyst - Stress, Anxiety, Intuition, Insight, Creativity, Connecting to Your Higher Self and to The Divine.

Obsidian - Protection Against Negativity, Cleansing, Centering, Releasing Anger and Resentment

*This is not a medical or healthcare device.

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