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Pendant: Henna Elephant

Pendant: Henna Elephant

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Henna Elephant Pendant

This Henna Art Inspired Elephant has been meticulously designed and executed to translate the detail and beauty of Henna Art from skin and pigment to wire and jewelry. I used Bare Copper Wire, then applied a patina and polishing process to reflect the natural shades and color variations of Henna. She is surprisingly light weight and a bit delicate, so be gentle. 

Visually, it is a lot to take in at a glance but once you've focused into the piece you'll discover 3 lotus flowers adorned with opalite beads, 3 sacred swirls, a traditional henna vine winding up the trunk and 2 large coils forming the tusks. This is a textured, 3-D piece that measures approximately 3.25 x 3.5 inches. 

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