Artistic Inspirations: Nature and History

I find endless inspiration in nature and history. From the stones that I work with, my love of flowers, vines, trees, moon phases, animals... all of these things make me happy and are reflected in my art.

You can see my love of history reflected in my use of complicated Celtic Braids and Viking Weave. The frequent appearance of The Sacred Swirl is another example, as it is a symbol that appears in stone carvings and cave paintings all over the world. I find Ancient History, Culture and Religion endlessly fascinating and I do spend a lot of time learning as much as I can about these subjects. At the end of the day, when I learn something that I find truly inspiring, I incorporate it into my art.

In the very near future, there will be Runes. I also plan to do more with Chainmaille and Viking Knit. There will be more cultural and religious symbolism in the future as well, because there is beauty in every culture and every religion.


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