I’m a creative, crafty, wire-vixen who has been handcrafting jewelry for over 20 years. I began my jewelry journey with macrame beaded hemp chokers and bracelets. Over time, with loads of practice, (blisters, calluses and expletives) I became quite good at it. I made pieces for friends and family that they loved.

Eventually, I met another jewelry maker who had magic powers that I had yet to learn. She enthusiastically taught me many basics and helped me move towards wire working and wire weaving.

This is an art-form that presents a lifetime of challenges and opportunities to learn, grow and improve. I love it. I can get lost in a piece for hours. I am my best and truest self when I am creating a handful of shiny joy for someone else to love.

I often draw inspiration from my materials (Rocks – Geology is Cool!!) as well as history such as Viking Knit and Celtic Braids. Future projects will involve chainmaille and some basic metal smithing.


Made in the USA, each finished handcrafted piece is absolutely unique… no two are exactly alike. Quantities of individual items are limited due to the amount of time that it can take to create a single piece.

Quality matters to me. I build each piece to last. I also test each “prototype” for comfort, durability, wear and tear. I absolutely do want customer feedback regarding any issues or concerns that develop with any piece that I have made.


All wire used in the production of each piece, unless the word “BARE” appears in the item description, is made with coated TARNISH RESISTANT wire. It will not be tarnish PROOF. Expect a patina to develop over time. In most cases a jewelry polishing cloth will clean a piece up quite nicely.

I would advise against showering, sleeping, working out, swimming… in this jewelry because WIRE. IS. BENDY.